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With so many services under one roof we can tailor make a program that suits you and your needs. We also have a wide range of fitness exercise styles, that way you are able to find a style of exercise that you can enjoy and continue to enjoy. 

If you don't enjoy what you are doing you simply wont stick to it. Use the child within to have fun while reaching your goals. 

Improve your energy, stress and health concerns through food.

Learn about the small steps to achieve better all round health.

Food to be enjoyed by you and your family.

Amanda specialises in women's health, pregnancy, pre & post natal.

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art that utilises parana, ki or vital energy to accelrate the natural healing process. It is a non-touch vibrational, energy healing modality that has been proven helpful for physical aliments as well as emotional disorders. It is invaluable for helath maintenance and prevention of aliments.

Trainer Richard is taking on one-on-one or pair sessions in our studio in Maroochy River Sunshine Coast, Qld. This style does not use gloves and is all open hand. He will help you learn the art of this style, defense, and use of force. There will be an interview before you begin and you also have the option to grade if you like.

Amanda currently teaches a flowing Vinyasa style yoga. Vinyasa yoga uses postures, breathing and meditation to nourish your body, open the heart and liberate your mind. There are individualised sessions, and three different classes to choose from; Vinyasa flow, Yoga Nurture, and a Mums & Bubs yoga.

Coming soon.

We have a private gym studio in Maroochy River, Sunshine Coast, Qld. We have 2 trainers Amanda and Richard to choose from. We recommend 1 hour sessions to get the most out of your training. This can incorporate a variety of styles of training depending on what you like and needs are to help get you to your goal. This will also include your body composition measurements, fitness testing, posture and progression photos. 

Private one on one sessions with Richard at Maroochy River, Sunshine Coast, Qld. Working with functional range of movement, releasing tightness & emotions, and improving posture. The option to incorporate pranic healing as well. 
Amanda is very passionate about all things revolving around pregnancy and motherhood. She uses a holistic approach, combined with knowledge, experience, and using multiple modalities. This is aimed to improve your health concerns, enhance and enjoy your journey through pregnancy into motherhood. 
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