Holistic Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Amanda, a qualified Nutritionist. I'm passionate about finding yummy, healthy foods,
that are quick and easy to make, and don't have many ingredients. The importance of finding
these things for yourself and family, is a must! Not only does it help with time management,
but because meals are quick and easy to prepare, it stops you from going to the fast food
place down the corner, or ordering a pizza.
I must admit, most of the food is unbelievable, but when getting further into your healthy
lifestyle, some creations can taste great to you, but others may find it a bit odd. Just
remember when you are on this healthy nutrition journey, your taste buds do seem to
change, and you'll be amazed on what works well together! 
After being a personal trainer for 7 years, and experiencing the headache of different advice, I decided to learn and study nutrition. I wanted to be more confident in what works for me and others, and why. I too have experienced the health and fitness rollercoaster ride, and its not fun! And, if your a Mother, you'll know and agree that Motherhood has its whole other story as well. That's why I encourage to start slowly and make sure that it is enjoyable for you and your lifestyle.
If you are unsure on where to start, that's ok. I am here to give you support, education and the tools to improve your health and wellbeing. The initial consultation will go through many questions, to help get a better understanding of not only how you are feeling and your concerns, but also to check out that your plumbing and body is working at its optimal level to thrive. We first will target your concerns, and see how the progress of the treatment plan has improved other elements of your case. Together we will design a plan that will work for you, your family and your lifestyle, so its not so overwhelming. I want to empower you towards a holistic lifestyle and enjoy a new way of living.
Maroochy River, Sunshine Coast, Qld
By Appointment only & Phone consultations available
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