Thrive On Holistic Life!


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By using our alternative health and wellbeing methods, our mission

is to inspire you to transform into the person you want to be. We will 

holistically guide you on how to  improve and enjoy your way of life,

so you may feel happy and balanced in mind, body and soul.

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I have always been known as an active person. I have been training Marital Arts / Kung Fu boxing for over 10 years. Due to having health issues myself for many years, seeing multiple professionals and therapists, and changing my lifestyle habits up side down, it has given me more knowledge of the way I want to live a healthier life. Through this journey I have also discovered my passion and gift of Pranic Healing.


Pranic Healing is a non touch energy healing process that allows the body to self heal. It helps address emotional and physical imbalances within the body and mind. We can all be affected by negative and dirty energy at times, which can interfere with our health and wellbeing. Using Pranic Healing can help clear and remove this negative energy, so you can become more of who you truly are. Once this has cleared, you will feel lighter, clearer and have a greater sense of wellbeing and direction. I have found this to also help relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue and self worth.

My experience's are in Martial Arts / Kung-fu Boxing, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Tai Chi & Qi Gong, and Personal Training. Through my journey I have become a stronger, more motivated person. I also have a clearer direction on where I want to go in life. It has also made me feel that I want to help others in any way possible. I am a giving,  and strong willed person, who will go above and beyond to assist you in your health and concerns.

Qualifications: Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy course, Kung-fu/Tai Chi & Qi gong certificate (linwan), Certificate III in Fitness, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Access Conscious Bars, First Aid & CPR, and Blue card.



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I grew up on the Sunshine Coast with the love of dance for over 15 years. I met Richard when I was 15 years old, moving to Brisbane together to pursue my dreams of being a dance teacher, choreographer and performer. I went to UNI at QUT and did my Associate Degree In Dance. Dancing 6 days a week, it was there that I got badly injured, dreams shattered and then had to pursue a different avenue. Due to not being so active, and getting into the party life, I put on 15kg and got really depressed. After my recovery, and my body not being able to return back to dancing, I did lots of thinking, as I "put all my eggs in one basket"! I needed to get my weight off so I focused on going to the gym. It was there, when I was looking around, noticing how most people were either over doing it, have the wrong technique, or doing extreme exercises for their ability, dancers getting injured, I decided to help people to prevent injuries, and live a healthy active life.


I completed my Personal Training first, and have been a personal trainer for over 8 years. After working in a gym, I decided to go out on my own, and loved it! Doing mostly outdoor Bootcamp and weight training in my studio. In that time I have completed various certificates in the fitness industry (boxing, core training ect) competing in figure competitions (placing 4th Qld and 5th Universe) and as well as completing my Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and Yoga teaching and most recently Zumba instructor. 

Richard and I have been through a lot together. Many life obstacles and health challenges we have faced and overcome, from the extreme situations to daily struggles. We believe working on ourselves, relationship and family life is the most important.  


With the support of Richard for over 20 years, being pregnant and having two children, body issues, going through post natal depression and adrenal fatigue, I have learnt more about myself I can pass on to others.


My passion is in women's health, weight loss, and bringing back healthy fit Mumma's. I have a wide range of expertise and I'm always expanding my knowledge.


My strengths include; Nutrition for weight loss and healthy Mums, Training & Meal plans, Pregnancy planning & post natal recovery, Boot Camps, Boxing for Fitness, injury prevention, and core strength and conditioning.     


 I am an active and bright person, and look forward to helping you with your goals.

Qualifications: Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Vinyassa Yoga Teaching, Certificate IV in Personal Training, Professional Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Coaching, Boxing for Fitness, Zumba Instructor, Social Media Manager, Pranic Healing Beginner, Pellers core strength and conditioning, TRX-core, group fitness, younger children, older adults, Associate degree in Dance, Certificate II in Sport and recreation, Level one teaching in ballroom and Latin, sports awareness, first aid & CPR, and Blue card.